About Me

I’m a Seattle-based Producer, Mixer, and Recording Engineer. I manage 7 Hills Studio and freelance in west coast studios (happy to travel further!).

I've worked with artists from around the world, on albums released by Barsuk, Captured Tracks, Hardly Art, PNKSLM, Sub Pop, many more. My goal is always to capture interesting songs and showcase something special.

I'm available for Recording, Mixing, and Production work, occasionally Mastering and Voiceover/ADR - generally using Pro Tools, with lots of analog stuff and plugins to shape sounds.

Please reach out if you have any questions, I'm always excited to hear new music.


email: recording (a) dylanwall.com


"Working with Dylan Wall in Seattle, Justin along with Javier Suarez and Andy Lum channeled the big concepts of the demos into the realized lush soundscapes inherent to the new album's compositions." | Impose

""Set Me Back" sounds even more furious and abrasive than anything they've released yet. The song's most immediate strength is the sheer gale force intensity of its cavernous, squalling guitars and throat-shredding yowls, but on repeated listens a melodic sensibility emerges beneath the avalanche of noise." | Pitchfork

"José Díaz Rohena and Dylan Wall Are Helping Make the World's New Favorite Records" | The Stranger