I’m a Seattle-based engineer/mixer/producer. I maintain a small mixing & overdub studio, Tastefully Loud, and freelance in studios up and down the coast (go-to’s in Seattle and SF / Bay Area).

I work on records with a wide range of budgets, and try to help out folks that are writing interesting songs with a unique approach to what they're doing. Records I've recorded/mixed/produced have been released on awesome labels, like Sub PopHardly ArtCaptured TracksBarsuk.


wall.dylan (a) gmail.com


Working with Dylan Wall in Seattle, Justin along with Javier Suarez and Andy Lum channeled the big concepts of the demos into the realized lush soundscapes inherent to the new album's compositions.  | Impose

"Set Me Back" sounds even more furious and abrasive than anything they've released yet. The song's most immediate strength is the sheer gale force intensity of its cavernous, squalling guitars and throat-shredding yowls, but on repeated listens a melodic sensibility emerges beneath the avalanche of noise.Pitchfork

José Díaz Rohena and Dylan Wall Are Helping Make the World's New Favorite Records  | The Stranger