This is a fairly complete discography of all the records I have had a hand in making. It does not include demos, promos, other one-offs, or records that were finished but never released.

Year Artist Album Credit Label
2017 Boy Romeo Boy Romeo Recording/Mix Engineer  
2017 Great Grandpa Plastic Cough Recording Engineer Double Double Whammy
2017 High Sunn Hopeless Romantic Recording/Mix Engineer PNK SLM
2017 Scarves Mall Goths Recording/Mix Engineer  
2017 Weed Born Wrong Love Recording/Mix Engineer Smoking Room
2016 Baseball Gregg Caio for Now Mastering Engineer La Barberia
2016 Baseball Gregg Vacation Mastering Engineer La Barberia
2016 Curse League Bodega Disco Recording/Mix Engineer  
2016 Difficult Children Difficult Children Mastering Engineer Pacific Trash
2016 Dim Desires Fines Mix Engineer Pacific Trash
2016 Fragile Lung Animal Instinct Recording/Mix Engineer  
2016 Jeremy Ferrara A Part Mastering Engineer  
2016 Lubec Cosmic Debt Recording/Mix Engineer Disposable America
2016 Naked Giants R.I.P. Recording/Mix Engineer Miscreant
2016 Pastel Dream Pastel Dream Mastering Engineer  
2016 Sigh Down One Neo Mix Engineer  
2016 So Pitted Neo Recording/Mix Engineer Sub Pop
2016 Tangerine Sugar Teeth Recording/Mix Engineer (Sunset) Swoon
2016 Versing Nude Descending Recording/Mix Engineer Youth Riot
2016 Wood Knot EP Mix Engineer  
2015 Lazy Queen Drift Mastering Engineer Pacific Trash
2015 Osito What on Earth Mastering Engineer  
2015 Snuff Redux Toy Kingdom Mastering Engineer  
2015 Trashlord split EP Recording/Mix Engineer Seagreen
2015 Weed Running Back Recording (overdubs)/Mix Engineer Lefse
2015 Winnebago At Home Recording/Mix Engineer Pacific Trash
2015 Wild Wants Regret Collector Recording/Mix Engineer  
2014 Bad Rites Touch the Ground Recording/Mix Engineer  
2014 Craft Spells Nausea Recording/Mix Engineer Captured Tracks
2014 FF Lord Recording/Mix Engineer Couple Skate
2014 Flowers Afterwardsness Mastering Engineer  
2014 Neighbors Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? Mastering Engineer Beating a Dead Horse
2014 Scarves Empty Houses Recording/Mix Engineer  
2014 Various Artists The Cold Jungle, Vol. 2 Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer Cairo
2014 Whitney Ballen Falls Recording/Mix Engineer  
2013 Dana Jewell and the Hungry Hearts Live in Cairo Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer Wild Animal Kingdom
2013 Hausu Total Recording/Mix Engineer Hardly Art
2013 Hedge Hag You’re Gonna Be Witch Mastering Engineer  
2013 Neighbors I Love Neighbors Mix Engineer  
2013 Scarves TV Mastering Engineer  
2013 Secret Colors Days Off Recording/Mix Engineer Group Tightener
2013 Sibling Rivalry Only Child Recording/Mix Engineer  
2013 Weed Deserve Recording/Mix Engineer Couple Skate
2013 Wild Wants We Are Committed to Excellence Mastering Engineer  
2012 Ben Morrow Shadow Benny Recording/Mix Engineer  
2012 Josh Baez Little Bird Mastering Engineer  
2012 Legato Bebop Jargon Recording/Mix Engineer  
2012 Legato Bebop Proximity Mastering Engineer  
2012 Naomi Punk Eon of Pain C​/​W Linoleum Tryst Recording/Mix Engineer Crusing USA
2012 Naomi Punk The Feeling Collaborator/Mastering Engineer Couple Skate/Captured Tracks
2012 The Numbs People Mastering Engineer Couple Skate
2012 Seacats Extra Point Recording Engineer (drums, overdubs)  
2012 Secret Colors Higher Views Mastering Engineer Bridgetown
2012 Silicon Girls Rana Recording/Mix Engineer  
2012 Various Artists Head East: A Media Lab Compilation Recording/Mix Engineer  
2012 Various Artists Cairo Tape Club #1: Live at EXPO 89 Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer Cairo
2012 Various Artists Cairo Tape Club #2 Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer Cairo
2012 Zephyrs Order of the Arrow Recording/Mix Engineer Debacle
2011 James Kelly Pitts Quiet Desperation Recording/Mix Engineer  
2011 M Women Faithful Mastering Engineer Couple Skate
2011 Pangea LTSC Key of Crockenspeil Recording/Mix Engineer  
2011 Seacats Metal Music Recording (drums, overdubs)/Mastering Engineer  
2011 Witch Gardens Alice, Agatha, Branch & Christ Recording/Mix Engineer (selected songs)  
2011 Zephyrs BYE SUN Recording/Mix Engineer (selected songs)  
2010 Aver Fingerless Gloves Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
2010 Naomi Punk CLS Mastering Engineer  
2010 Osito Lullaby Oxen Recording (selected songs)/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
2010 Stephanie / Wet Paint DMM Double Single Mastering Engineer  
2010 Tralfamadorians Raging Seas of the Tralfamadorians Recording/Mix Engineer  
2010 Vince Mtz. and the Great Blue Yonder Northwest by Southwest Recording/Mix Engineer  
2010 Wet Paint DMM Wet Paint Mastering Engineer  
2009 Dimples Night Music Mastering Engineer  
2009 M Women Audry Mastering Engineer  
2009 Naomi Punk Naomi Punk Mastering Engineer  
2009 Old Ghost Lexicon Not Even Time Will Tell Recording/Mix Engineer  
2009 Sun Things Got No Lord Recording/Mix Engineer  
2009 Woodside Ave Substance of Freedom Recording/Mix Engineer  
2008 Get Dressed Different Continents Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
2008 Get Dressed Ghosts Edited It Recording/Mix Engineer  
2008 The Last Slice of Butter Summer Recording/Mix Engineer  
2008 Rad Touch Post Rad Recording/Mix Engineer  
2008 Son Things Son Things Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
2007 The Last Slice of Butter Glossa Recording/Mix Engineer  
2007 Seattle Arts Trio Seattle Arts Trio Recording Engineer