7 Hills: $350/day (includes studio and me)
Freelance: $250/day

Production & Mixing

I generally quote a flat rate for Mixing and Production work. Please contact me to discuss: recording (a) dylanwall.com


Full Album: $300 (around 10 songs, 25 – 40mins)
EP: Usually around $150
Singles/Other: Inquire


Questions & Scheduling: recording (a) dylanwall.com
7 Hills Studio Booking: booking7hills (a) gmail.com

If inquiring about production, please include your ideas for the project, some brief background info, and any demos or live recordings (if available).

More Info

Want to work on a record? Reach out and let’s talk it over. Every project is unique and I’m flexible with process.

I am available to Engineer if you are producing/self-producing and need an experienced engineer to make it happen. I regularly engineer drum, vocal, and other overdub tracking projects - I’ll make sure everything sounds great and the session runs smoothly!

If I’m Producing or Co-Producing, we’ll set a budget, schedule, and lay out some terms. I prefer to work at an all-in project rate so there aren’t any surprises. The time and cost of recording an album/EP/song depends a lot on the approach we take - will the record be live, or will there be multiple takes, layering, some amount of editing, tuning, FX processing, etc.? If you'd like to discuss in detail, it's important to consider your vision and budget.