My Rates


Project Rates: Inquire


Single Song: $350, attended or unattended, max. 3 revisions
EP/Album/Collection: Inquire, generally lower per-song rate


Freelance: $250/day
Tastefully Loud: $300/day
Voiceover/Hourly: $45/hr


Full Album (around 10 songs, 25 – 40mins): $300
EP: Usually around $150
Singles/Other: Inquire


recording (a)

More Info

Want to work on a record? Reach out and let’s talk it over. Every project is unique and I’m flexible with process.

When I’m producing or co-producing, we’ll set a budget, schedule, and terms. I prefer to work at an all-in project rate based around my engineering rate so there aren’t any surprises. The time and cost of recording an album/EP/song will depend on the approach we take. If you can play everything live, without making mistakes, an album can be done in a day. Realistically though, there will be multiple takes, layering, some amount of editing, tuning, FX processing, etc., which all takes time. We’ll plan it out so that there aren’t any surprises.

I am also available to engineer if you are producing, or an artist self-producing or working with another producer. I’ll make sure everything sounds great and the session runs smoothly. Tastefully Loud is great for overdubs and vocal/voiceover sessions, and I can coordinate larger sessions at a number of Seattle studios.

I like to present mixes that sound finished, then revise to get the songs exactly as you want to hear them. We’ll talk ideas before getting started, I’ll do my work, and we’ll adjust until things sounds right. I’m able to work at a faster per-song pace on albums, EPs, collections of songs. If you would prefer to attend and produce the mix yourself, I can approach as an engineer.