My Rates


Self-Financed Artists: $250/day
Label/Corporate: $350/day, $45/hr
Deposit (to hold dates): $50/day


Full Album (around 10 songs, 25 – 40mins): $300
EP: Usually $150
Singles/Other: Inquire


wall.dylan (a)

More Info

I'm always happy provide an estimate of how long I think a project will take, and/or plan around a fixed budget. I usually work on a day rate, to keep it transparent and provide flexibility.

The time needed to record an album/EP/song, will depend on the approach we take. If you can play everything live, without making mistakes, an album can be done in a day. However, detailed production with editing, tuning, layering, FX, etc. takes time (and is how music of most genres is made). It's important to establish a vision and budget upfront, even if that target shifts a bit while working. I do not recommend a totally open-ended, "let's just see how long it takes" approach.

I suggest you consider the type of record you want to make (whether you have a precise plan or more general ideas), and reach out so we can talk it over.


How long is a "day"? What happens to the session files? How should I credit you? All of that info is available here: General Practices & Policies