New Year, New Blog

It’s been a bit. I haven’t blogged about studio work in few years, but this feels like the right time to shake off the dust. At least WordPress still looks familiar.

For one thing, I’ve settled back into a work-rhythm that’s stable enough to make this worthwhile. If you know me, you know I spent a ton of time studio building and moving gear around Seattle pre-Covid. My situation was stabilizing and work was picking up last March, but like everyone else, it was all turned upside down. To state the obvious, Covid is still raging, and until live music returns, the entire music world will feel it. I’ve “pivoted” to more tech work for 7 Hills and Studio X, designing and learning more about acoustics, and taking on non-audio writing work. I’m making it work, grateful to keep doing what I love and happy to see my creative work on an uptick the last couple months. 

Why blog? As an engineer/producer with 15 years of experience, I know what sounds good – and my tech experience gives me another level of understanding. I’m here to share cool gear photos and thoughts from the repair bench, albums I’m working on & music that I like, things I find interesting, etc.

Hopefully you find something here that inspires you to make a great recording – or you can hire me 😉