Alternatives to Bad “Pro” Audio Websites

This is a list of great pro audio resources, just the good stuff. The websites below have all been super helpful to me – some were eye opening to me when I was getting started, but many are professional resources that I continue to rely on.

Pro Audio Resources

AES – The Audio Engineering Society is a tech-centric organization, publishing paid and free audio tech research & resources, from studio engineering, to electrical engineering, to acoustic physics.

DIY Recording Equipment – This shop grew out of a wiki for DIY audio projects – the wiki is still up, and the basic kits they sell are great.

Group DIY – A forum for techies who want to learn about audio electronics, schematics and how to build things. Not for beginners.

Pro Sound News – A free magazine (online and in print), that’s more focused on new gear than the process. It’s good for keeping tabs on industry trends.

Pro Sound Web, R / E / P Community – If you’re looking for a direct alternative to GS, this is it. It’s not flashy, but is frequented by professionals with years of experience.

Recording Hacks – Their microphone database is exhaustive and contains useful info (not marketing copy).

Tape Op – The gold standard. It’s a free magazine (available online and in print), and has a message board that’s underused these days, but full of great info.

Working Class Audio – What is it like to work as a professional audio engineer? This podcast will tell you all about it.


This list was inspired by a petition I signed last week, Gearslutz, Please Change Your Name. If you’re reading this and don’t know about GS, it’s a popular audio forum with a terrible name that’s both sexist and unprofessional.

The site is nearly 20 years old and the name is far from a new controversy – but shockingly the owner responded today, announcing that the site will change its name! I guess thousands of signatures changed his mind. Better late than never.

That said, the GS is still a bad source for basic recording info (maybe a byproduct of the unprofessional name?). I’ve found the site to be awash in users who lack experience, but are more than happy to express strong opinions. Anything or anyone emphasizing gear acquisition as the solution to audio problems is not to be trusted.