Tastefully Loud

A small studio with mix room and iso booth, designed for overdubs and analog mixing, with:

Analog Stuff! console, eq, compressors
Tubes! mics, amps, outboard
Pro Tools! 32 channels i/o
Cool Plugins! analog can’t do it all
Great Monitors! NS-10, ProAc
Coffee! good beans

Tech Stuff

The studio, Tastefully Loud, is essentially my office, it’s where I’m working most days, though occasionally I’ll let other engineers use the space. I’ve spent the last 10+ years building, collecting, and repairing studio equipment, so most everything in here has a story behind it. If you have questions about something specific, just ask.


At the studio’s heart is a vintage Yamaha M1532 console. It’s 350lbs of analog circuitry, that’s been refurbished and modified to sound like an API board. The EQs are awesome and the board sounds great when overdriven.

Pro Tools

The studio is set up around Pro Tools, with 32 channels of i/o through an Orion 32+ interface. I’ll usually mix through the console, using Pro Tools as “tape machine,” but you can mix within Pro Tools, using inserts to access the analog outboard. With a laptop, you can connect to the Orion 32+ via USB and interface with everything in the studio.


Most of my DIY projects wind up in the racks, including compressors and EQs of various styles, and a couple vintage Lexicon FX units. It’s all there because it imprints a unique sound that’s difficult to replicate with a plugin.


There are some nice tube mics that will make your voice sound beautiful, and some great choices for guitar, bass, small percussion and acoustic instruments. The mics pair well with a versatile selection of preamps – Neve and API style, tube, and modern/clean.


I keep the basics on hand: Telecaster, P-Bass, an old Harmony acoustic, shakers and other assorted noisemakers. There are also a couple combo amps well suited to the studio, a Fender Champ and Kalamazoo Reverb 12, a newer Ampeg flip-top, and bunch of pedals.