Tastefully Loud

Analog Stuff! console, eq, compressors, FX
Tubes! mics, amps, rack gear
Pro Tools! 32 channels of analog i/o
Cool Plugins! Slate, Softube, Soundtoys, Waves
Time-Tested Monitors! NS-10, ProAc Studio 100
Coffee! fresh ground beans

The studio, Tastefully Loud, is my workspace. It's a small mixing room and overdub booth. I've spent the last 10+ years building, collecting, and repairing studio equipment, so most everything in here has a story behind it. If you have questions about something specific, just ask.

At the studio's heart is a 1980 Yamaha M1532 console. It's 350lbs of analog circuitry from the "lawsuit" era of music equipment - the circuit looks a lot like an API 1604, with 312-style pres and 550b-style EQ. I've refurbished the board and modified it with a vintage API summing section. The EQs are awesome and it sounds great when overdriven.

Pro Tools
The studio is set up for 32 channels of i/o through Pro Tools, with an Orion 32+ interface. I'll usually mix through the console, using Pro Tools as "tape machine," but it's just as easy to mix within Pro Tools and access the analog outboard with inserts. A laptop can connect to the Orion 32+ via USB and interface with everything in the studio.

The racks are a combination of hand-built vintage clones (1176, Level Loc, Sta-Level) and modern classics (Chandler, Crane Song, Overstayer), including compressors and EQs of various styles, and a few FX units. It's all there to imprint a unique sound, difficult to replicate with a plugin.

Reproductions of some amazing tube mics (u47, m49, ELAM 250), and studio staples (SM57, RE20, 421) provide great choices for vocals/voiceover, guitar, bass, small percussion and acoustic instruments. A versatile preamp selection makes for even more options (Neve and API style, tube, clean)

A few guitars, keys, and other noisemakers that provide a lot of overdub versatility (Fender Telecaster and Precision Bass, Wurlitzer 140b, MicroKorgXL+, Hohner melodian, shakers and other assorted noisemakers). There are also a few amps that I really love (Fender Champ and Twin Reverb, Kalamazoo Reverb 12, Ampeg PF-20T), and bunch of pedals.