Tastefully Loud

A Great Place to Mix and Overdub!

Get good sounds quickly with well maintained vintage and modern gear: studio standards, boutique and DIY oddities, all provide reliable and creative options in the mix.

The acoustics are great, there’s a large isolation booth, and it’s a comfortable place for both engineer and artist to work.

The little stuff: professional, commercial space • easily accessible SODO location • ample parking • nearby food • creative building with neighboring artists • good coffee!

Equipment Overview

Recorders: Pro Tools - 32ch of i/o, Tascam 238 - 8ch cassette tape.
Console: Yamaha M1532 - vintage console (based around the API 1604), serviced and recapped, modified master section.
Mics/Preamps: Tube and solid state condensers - Neumann U87, Wunder CM7FET, reproductions of classics (U47, M49, ELA M251, KM84); Dynamic & Ribbon - EV, Sennheiser, Shure. Great choices for vox/voiceover, guitar, bass, small percussion and acoustic instruments. A versatile preamp selection provides additional tone-shaping options (Neve and API style, tube, clean).
Outboard: Compressors, limiters, EQ, and reverb/FX - modern classics (API, Chandler, Crane Song, Summit) and hand-built vintage clones (1176, Level Loc, Sta-Level). It's all there to imprint a unique sound, difficult to replicate with a plugin.
Instruments/Amps: Guitars, keys, shakers, and other noisemakers - Fender Telecaster and Precision Bass, Harmony Acoustic, Wurlitzer 140b, MicroKorg, Hohner melodian, shakers, tambourines. Amps and pedals - Fender Champ and Twin Reverb, Kalamazoo Reverb 12, Ampeg PF-20T.

Full list available on request.