Tastefully Loud

This is my mixing and mastering studio. The room design provides accurate acoustics, and it’s a comfortable space to hang while we work though mix revisions.

I use Pro Tools and mix through a vintage console with a variety of analog equipment. API, Chandler Limited, Lexicon, UREI, SSL, Thermionic Culture, Pultec, all serviced and calibrated for stereo use with mastering accuracy.

Plugins are essential, but analog gear sounds better when pushed to extremes 🙂

7 Hills Studio

I manage this small-ish studio on Capitol Hill that’s been going for nearly 25 years!

7 Hills Studio

The studio is perfectly sized for a band to cut a record on a modest budget. The rooms sound great, the gear is great, and it’s walking distance to coffee, food, and everything else in the middle of the city.


Some projects require another studio for sound, atmosphere, or location.

I’ve engineered in a variety of studios along the west cost, and I’ve worked as both engineer and repair tech in many of Seattle’s larger studios.