Tastefully Loud

This is my studio, where I mix and master. It’s primarily a personal workspace, but there’s plenty of room for you to hangout while we work though the details.

With soffit-mounted monitors and aligned subwoofers, the sound is incredibly accurate.

The studio is a Pro Tools setup, with 24 tracks of analog I/O. There’s a well-kept vintage console and selection of compressors and effects that I love.

7 Hills

I also manage this small-ish studio on Capitol Hill. It’s an incredible spot that’s still going after over 20 years! The live room sounds great, it’s the perfect size for bands, and the studio has a ton of great mics, gear, and amps/instruments – what more could you want? Freelance engineers are also welcome.


Some projects require seeking out another studio for sound or atmosphere or convenience. I’ve had the opportunity to work in studios along the west cost, and there are a handful of other Seattle spots that I’m very familiar with.