Reach out if you have questions. For project inquiries, please include something that I can hear – like a demo, rough mix, or link to a past release.

email: wall.dylan (a)

instagram: @diylan


When recording, I’m often asked to take on a Production or Co-Production role. There are different ways to approach an album or EP, and planning starts with a discussion of the songs.

An album of great live performances can be recorded in a day or two, but most modern productions require more time to layer and edit sounds in the studio.

With any recording project, it’s best discuss the sonic vision and budget, then design a recording process to fit.

Recording & Editing

Audio engineering in studio, on location, or remote. Please plan for file exchange.

$300/day: My day rate, in studio or on location. Normal hours are 10am – 8pm, with a lunch break. Studio rental rates also apply.
$50/hr: Hourly rate for remote editing, tuning, restoration, cleanup, etc.


Working from multi-track audio files (“stems”), or Pro Tools sessions.

$350/day: Studio day rate, generally for attended sessions. Normal hours are 10am – 8pm, with a lunch break.
$300/song*: Remote work, with or without attended revisions.

*It varies a bit. Before quoting a fixed rate, I account for details like huge track counts, additional editing/tuning/cleanup, printing post-mix instrumentals & stems, etc. Straightforward recordings can be mixed quickly at a day rate with the right band.


Sonic enhancement, loudness processing, and song sequencing. I deliver digital masters for: streaming upload, vinyl/cassette, and CD.

$350/album: max. 10 songs / 40mins. Inquire for EPs and longer LPs.


Feel free to reach out if you have equipment that needs repair: consoles, rack gear, amps, and other analog equipment (no tape machines or synths). Most fixes run 2 – 4 hours, all projects considered case by case.

$50/hr + parts: 2 hr minimum.