Please reach out if you have any questions. For project inquiries, include a brief description and if possible, links to demos or past work.

wall.dylan (a)


Producing a record starts with a discussion of your songs and goals. What are you trying to accomplish? Your vision can shape the budget, or the other way around – and great records can be made with a minimalist mindset.

I like to discuss sounds and influences, listen to demos, attend a band practice, and plan ahead, all before going into the studio. Sometimes the process is straightforward, sometimes it’s an adventure. I’ve made records in different ways and unconventional approaches don’t bother me. I’m happy to “produce” as much or as little as you want.

When producing or co-producing a project in addition to engineering, I prefer to discuss budget and work out an all-in rate to account for my time and studio costs.

Engineering / Recording

$250/day, 10 hours and studio rates also apply.


$300/song, approximately. If I didn’t record it, I don’t know what to expect, so we’ll have to discuss the details.


$350/album, about 10 songs / 25 – 45mins & sequencing.
$200/EP, 4 – 5 songs & sequencing.

Tech Work & Consultation

Do you have gear that needs to be fixed? My availability is limited, but I also repair & service studio and music equipment, consoles, rack gear, mics, instruments, amps, etc. Billed hourly, inquire if interested.