Tastefully Loud

My home studio/repair workshop. The space has been acoustically treated and has a small iso booth for last minute overdubs. It's where I mix and master.

7 Hills Studio

I manage this small/mid sized studio in Seattle. It's a good size for bands, has a lot of great equipment, and is centrally located in the city. I record and mix here, along with a few other freelance engineers.

My Approach

When I'm producing or heavily involved with a record, I coordinate use of studios to make the most of everyone's time and money. For live band performances, long days of overdubs, and collaborative sessions, a big space is necessary. But if I'm working alone or the budget gets tight, the project can move to Tastefully Loud. I do most of my recording at 7 Hills but I also freelance in larger studios occasionally, Hall of Justice is another favorite.

7 Hills Studio was built in 2000 and has hosted some big Seattle hits, many bands, and some cool community programs over the years. I began looking after the studio about a year ago, and it needed a lot of upkeep at the time. So, I set to work on repairs and brought a bunch of my gear over. These days, everything is working again and it will be humming once we emerge from the plague. Highlights are a massive Trident TSM console, great mic collection with all the studio standards, and lots of amps.